Dahlman x HÅNDVÆRK / Rigetta Klint

During this year’s 3 Days of Design from 3 to 5 September, the connection between craft and design is celebrated in an exhibition at Dahlman’s historical premises in Fortunstræde in Copenhagen old town. The exhibition is designed by Rigetta Klint, who has curated products from a wide range of craft-based makers and design firms.

During the three-day event, there will be activities in the workshop on the ground floor of the building and thus an opportunity to get a closer look at the handheld production.

We proudly and with respect for tradition as a foundation for renewal presents craftsmanship and design by the following artisans, craft makers and designers.

Andersen & Berner, aka Stig Andersen, is one of the few remaining hatter’s studios in Denmark. Stig represents the second generation in the company co-founded by his father and a partner in 1946. He began joining his father in the workshop when he was just five years old. He is represented in the exhibition with a series of elegant handmade Fedoras in wool felt.

Chalk Copenhagen is a one-year-old craft company based in Stevns on the Danish island of Zealand, which makes pastel crayons coloured with earth dyes, plant-based dyes and iron oxides. For the exhibition, Conny Vies, the owner and founder of Chalk Copenhagen, has selected 10 beautiful handmade pastel crayons in cooperation with Rigetta Klint. 

Daggry Cph, aka photographer and camerawoman Gry Friis, presents water-marbled silk scarves and scrunchies made in her workshop in Copenhagen. Gry uses the Japanese suminagashi technique, where water and colour are placed in large, shallow vessels. To create the pattern, she sets the water in motion while adding the dye drop by drop. When the marbled pattern emerges on the water’s surface, it is captured by the silk. Each piece of silk thus gets its unique look.

Dorthe Rejkjær originally trained as a constructional engineer, but her whole life she has also pursued weaving in her spare time. A few years ago, in mid-life, she moved to the island of Ærø and changed tack. Today, she is a professional weaver. In the exhibition, during 3 Days of Design, she presents one of her hand-woven coats, developed in cooperation with Monica Konradsen, who runs Hotel The Monica in Ærøskøbing. 

Dusk Blomster (Bunch of Flowers) was founded in spring 2019, while the owners, Jeppe Helleman Worning and Louise Pape Thomsen, were completing their training as horticulturists in Copenhagen’s Botanical Garden and in Landbohøjskolens Have (the University of Copenhagen’s Horticultural Garden). Dusk grows organic flowers on a field in Lejre, to be used both as fresh or dried flowers. Dusk was certified as an organic horticulture business in 2020.

Hornvarefabrikken (the Horn Work Factory) contributes to the exhibition during 3 Days of Design with traditional combs and bangles made of horn. Hornvarefabrikken in Bøvlingbjerg in western Jutland was founded in 1935 and is now run by the couple Sara and Peder Bruun Buch, who took over the company in 2008. 

HÅNDVÆRK – in 2018, Rigetta Klint published the book HÅNDVÆRK (in Danish only). In October 2019, the book was followed up with the HÅNDVÆRK bookazine, a print bookazine published twice a year in a Danish and an English edition. The bookazine presents modern craft and artisanal practices at the intersection of tradition and renewal, local and global, hand-held and industrial.

Jonas Als or Woodcraft by Jonas Als is woodwork – a modern version of an age-old tradition Jonas Als was portrayed in the 2018 book HÅNDVÆRK. Since then, he has completed his training as a nature guide and now works full-time as a craft maker, creating spoons, bowls and dishes that are in demand from restaurants and private buyers in Denmark and abroad. In the exhibition, Jonas presents painted wooden bowls.

Karin Carlander is a weaver and has her studio in the village of Rådvad in a big, beautiful former workshop hall. She designs functional textiles in linen to be machine-woven as well as unique hand-woven textiles. In the exhibition she presents hand-woven woollen scarves. Karin Carlander is portrayed in the 2018 book HÅNDVÆRK.

Mott Skrædderi is a modern tailor’s workshop run by Karina Mott, who has her salon in Copenhagen’s Østerbro district. Karina was one of the first to spot that the new craving for style-conscious fashionistas is a beautiful selection of face masks – in the exhibition, Karina presents face coverings made of three layers of cotton.

Maj-Britt Zelmer Olsen is a glass-blower with a keen grasp of her material and a distinctive expression. Maj-Britt shares a studio and shop on the Danish island of Bornholm with the ceramicist Sara Oakman. Later this year, the two makers plan to open an ambitious new venue on the harbour front in the city of Nexø on Bornholm: Matter House of Craft, a combination of studios, a shop and a gallery. For the exhibition Dahlman x HÅNDVÆRK / Rigetta Klint, Maj-Britt has blown champagne glasses.

Tina Marie is a ceramicist with her own studio and shop on Vesterbrogade in central Copenhagen. Tina Marie’s work includes both unique products and the design of products that are serially produced as industrial art. Tina Marie has a sure hand, both at the potter’s wheel and when she mixes her own unique glazes. In the exhibition, she presents a still life of unique vases and dishes created for the occasion.

Århus Possementfabrik (Århus Passementerie Works). 
 The passementerie works is a family business. Jesper Møller Povlsen, Sanne’s husband, is the second generation. His father, Henrik, who still keeps his hand in at the factory, is Denmark’s last trained trimming worker. Århus Possementfabrik is a supplier to a wide range of fashion and design companies. The exhibition features a selection of the many different types of trimmings and webbing that are made at the Possementfabrikken.

Decideret Cider (Decidedly Cider) 
aka four old schoolmates: Cornelius, Jakob, Martin and Emil, who have been running a cider mill in Copenhagen’s North Harbour district since 2011. Decideret Cider is made from apples that mature on the branch and combines the scrumptious apple flavour with the edge that comes with fermentation in the form of vinous dryness and depth.

As an exclusive gift for visitors to the event Dahlman has made a keyring available in a kit consisting of 1 keyring + 1 pre-order of HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 3 (posted to you on the day of publication, 30 September), total price DKK 450. Normal price: keyring DKK 450, bookazine DKK 170, postage DKK 29

We look forward to welcoming you and have taken all the necessary precautions with regard to COVID-19. Hand sanitizer and face masks will be available.