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How to wear your Dahlman Belt

Dahlman co-owner and leather artisan extraordinaire Jeppe Dencker is old school. He knows the social dress codes of yesteryear and is not afraid to apply them to a modern wardrobe. Read our Q&A with Jeppe for a few dos and don’ts on how to wear your Dahlman belt.

What colour would you go with to a pair of black jeans?
A dark brown coloured belt can provide a nice contrast to a pair of black jeans and be that little detail that makes all the difference in an outfit. I personally wear a black belt with my black jeans, so of course you can do that as well, but a dark brown belt just goes so well with black. For lighter coloured pants I would definitely go for a natural coloured or light brown belt.

Is the Dahlman Belt appropriate for a formal suit?
Being quite minimalistic, the Dahlman Belt works well with formal attire like a suit. So I definitely think it would be appropriate. In fact, I know that many of our costumers are matching our belts with the suits they are wearing to work. It’s a very subtle way of standing out from the crowd. A dark blue suit with a dark brown belt and dark brown shoes just works so well.

How can you use the Dahlman Belt if you’re mainly wearing dresses?
We make a slimmer version of the Dahlman Belt that works really well when strapped around your waist with a dress or an oversized shirt. It creates a contrast and breaks up the straight lines of the dress or the shirt. Of course the slim Dahlman Belt also works perfectly fine as a normal belt with a pair of jeans.

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Architect's Belt, BlackArchitect's Belt, Black
Architect's Belt, Black Salgspriskr 1,250.00
Architect's Belt, ChestnutArchitect's Belt, Chestnut
Architect's Belt, Chestnut Salgspriskr 1,250.00
Architect's Belt, Dark BrownArchitect's Belt, Dark Brown
Architect's Belt, Dark Brown Salgspriskr 1,250.00
Architect's Belt, TanArchitect's Belt, Tan
Architect's Belt, Tan Salgspriskr 1,250.00
The Dahlman Men's Sandal, BrownThe Dahlman Men's Sandal, Brown
The Dahlman Men's Sandal, Brown Salgspriskr 1,450.00
The Dahlman Women's Sandal, TanThe Dahlman Women's Sandal, Tan
The Dahlman Women's Sandal, Tan Salgspriskr 1,450.00
The Dahlman Men's Sandal, TanThe Dahlman Men's Sandal, Tan
The Dahlman Men's Sandal, Tan Salgspriskr 1,450.00
The Dahlman Women's Sandal, BlackThe Dahlman Women's Sandal, Black
The Dahlman Men's Sandal, BlackThe Dahlman Men's Sandal, Black
The Dahlman Men's Sandal, Black Salgspriskr 1,450.00
The Dahlman Women's Sandal, BrownThe Dahlman Women's Sandal, Brown