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Key Rings

Our collection of key rings, key straps and key hangers are handmade by skilled leather craftsmen in our Copenhagen shop and atelier from high quality italian leather. Choose from a wide selection of sizes and colour options.


Key Hanger, Black and BrassKey Hanger, Black and Brass
Key Hanger, Black and Brass Salgspriskr 650.00
Key Hanger, Black and PalladiumKey Hanger, Black and Palladium
Key Hanger, Cognac and BrassKey Hanger, Cognac and Brass
Key Hanger, Cognac and Brass Salgspriskr 650.00
Key Hanger, Cognac and PalladiumKey Hanger, Cognac and Palladium
Key Fob, BlackKey Fob, Black
Key Fob, Black Salgspriskr 450.00
Key Fob, TanKey Fob, Tan
Key Fob, Tan Salgspriskr 450.00
Key Fob, YellowKey Fob, Yellow
Key Fob, Yellow Salgspriskr 450.00
Key Fob, Petroleum BlueKey Fob, Petroleum Blue
Key Fob, Petroleum Blue Salgspriskr 450.00
Key Fob, cognacKey Fob, cognac
Key Fob, cognac Salgspriskr 450.00
Key Fob, Light BrownKey Fob, Light Brown
Key Fob, Light Brown Salgspriskr 450.00
Key Fob, GreenKey Fob, Green
Key Fob, Green Salgspriskr 450.00