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Collaboration with Margrethe Odgaard

Together with our new collection of women's bags, we launch a new strap, created in collaboration with designer Margrethe Odgaard. Dahlman has a long history of partnerships with architects and designers and we're pleased to partner with one of the most prominent personalities in Danish design right now. 

Photo credit: Lærke Posselt

Contemporary and Raw Expression 
In the creation of the strap, the extensive and detail-oriented process of manufacturing a Dahlman product has fascinated Margrethe Odgaard. As a playful counterpoint to the carefully crafted leather bags, Margrethe has designed a strap with a contemporary and raw expression that softens the bag and gives it a modern look. 

“Sometimes you have to create a contrast to get an effect. My strap has a hastily shaded expression, as if drawn in a few seconds. In doing so, I play with the enormous amount of time Dahlman puts into their craft. At the same time, this sketchy grip points to the present. That the process itself is visible is something our generation cultivates. The strap has energy and a freshness that compliment Dahlman's thoroughness and long history in an exciting way. ”
– Margrethe Odgaard 

Commitment and nerdyness 
Margrethe is a busy and sought-after designer. She recently collaborated with both Kvadrat and Montana here in Denmark and with Apple in California. Still, she appreciates a smaller-scale collaboration with Dahlman, who carefully makes every single product by hand. 

“I admire Dahlman for their dedication and nerdyness. We need nerds in our community. It is people like them, who provide depth in a culture of consumption that is characterized by surface. We live in a fast-paced era where it is all about growth, fast money and fast energy. Dahlman is the opposite. They are so genuine and slow and uncompromising. I think that we really need this in a time like now. Dahlman gives each of their products so much love and nerdy attention that it is almost doesn’t make sense financially.”
– Margrethe Odgaard