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New Women's Collection

Our new collection of modern everyday bags for women is created in a classic Scandinavian design aesthetic, where the starting point for the design is minimalist functionalism that oozes of understated luxury. The collection's subtle expression is complemented by a further development of iconic bag closures from our classic Architect’s Bag that gives the clean lines a hint of vintage and manifests our longstanding affiliation with Danish design.

The bag is hand stitched in vegetable tanned full grain leather that, with a little care, lasts a generation and develops a beautiful patina. The design is timeless and created to last as long as the materials. Our aesthetic values and approach to sustainability are that the design must transcend seasons and trends. That's why you will only need this one bag; because it lasts a lifetime.

The bag comes with a textile strap created in collaboration with designer Margrethe Odgaard. In the creation of the strap, the extensive and detail-oriented process of manufacturing a Dahlman product fascinated Margrethe. As a playful counterpoint to the carefully crafted leather bags, Margrethe has designed a strap with a contemporary and raw expression that softens the bag and gives it a modern look.