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5 facts about your Dahlman Belt


Fact 1  

You will never have to own another belt

Your Dahlman Belt is extremely durable. It’s made from the very best vegetable tanned leather from a small tannery in Tuscany and it will only get more beautiful with time. We have a belt in the store from the 1950’s that’s still working as perfectly as it did almost 70 years ago. If something happens to your belt - or any other product made by us - we will repair it for free in our atelier in Copenhagen.



Fact 2

Your belt will make you a member of a very exclusive club
The Dahlman Belt bag was the favourite belt of famous modernist designers and architects in the 50's and 60's. Cultural icons such as Arne Jacobsen and Børge Mogensen owned a Dahlman Belt. The legendary musician Miles Davis was even wearing a special version of the belt on the cover of his album Kin Of Blue”. Arne Jacobsen also used the Dahlman Belt as a gift every time he visited fellow architects around the world.

Fact 3

Your belt comes with a free digital detox
Sometimes it’s nice to have something handmade in your accessory portfolio. You can see the stiches in your belt, you can feel the quality of the leather, and you can rest assured that no robots were harmed during the making of your belt. Real human beings made it. When you put it on, we promise that you’ll forget about the notifications on your iPhone X for a minute.


Fact 4

Your consumer conscience is clear with a Dahlman Belt

You care about the environment and our planet, and so do we. The vegetable tanned leather that goes into making your bag is processed with a special method that saves water and decreases the amount of carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere. Also, if you take good care of your belt, you’ll never have to buy another one. That’s our take on a sustainable production.



Fact 5

A highly skilled leather artisan spent hours making your belt
Your belt has been on quite a production journey before being that stylish, indispensable item that holds your pants in place. Several hours and no less than 845 stiches – hand sewn with durable Serafil thread – has gone into making your Dahlman Belt.