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About Dahlman

We are all about celebrating traditional craftsmanship in a contemporary context. The history of Dahlman goes back more than 210 years, and every day we go to work with the ambition to honour our proud heritage. A core value at our company is an uncompromising devotion to the indulgent pleasure of exclusive design and quality. When purchasing one of our products, we wish that every single customer experience the century long Dahlman history combined with our modern approach to style and luxury.

Made in the heart of Copenhagen, the creation of a Dahlman product is about as local as it can get. The Dahlman atelier and shop has been located in the charming cobbled street Fortunstræde since 1930. Frequently visited by Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner and Børge Mogensen in the 1950's, Dahlman has a long history of collaborating with Danish design pioneers that have put our small country on the map. Today we have customers from all over the world, proving that timeless design and premium quality knows no boundaries.

We believe that sustainability, quality and design are all part of the same solution. Our products go beyond the rush of trends and seasons. Using materials that develop beautiful patina over the years, a Dahlman bag or belt are made to last a lifetime. It’s about making something that outshines the urge to repeatedly buy new things. In addition, we only use vegetable tanned leather made the traditional way with natural tannic acids found in bark, leaves and fruits. That’s our take on a sustainable production.

When it comes to quality, we set our own standards. It’s neither the easiest nor the cheapest way to make a product, but it’s the only way we want to do it. Handcrafted by skilled leather artisans, a Dahlman piece is made in small batches in a world of mass production. We love to work with local designers and craftsmen that share our passion for a modern take on classic style. We have a small community of collaborators each contributing to make Dahlman an atelier and workshop with an unsurpassed attention to detail in design and quality.