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Products with free initials

Every order made in our webshop this weekend will be offered with a complementary personalization if you wish. The offer ends Sunday June 2, 23.59 pm. Click on “Add Order Note” in your Cart and write your initials (or your significant other’s) or name that you wish to get applied to your order. Maximum 8 letters.


Layered Westrup Belt, BrownLayered Westrup Belt, Brown
Layered Westrup Belt, Brown Salgspriskr 1,500.00
Layered Westrup Belt, BlackLayered Westrup Belt, Black
Layered Westrup Belt, Black Salgspriskr 1,500.00
The Dahlman Women's Sandal, BrownThe Dahlman Women's Sandal, Brown
The Dahlman Men's Sandal, BrownThe Dahlman Men's Sandal, Brown
The Dahlman Men's Sandal, Brown Salgspriskr 1,450.00
The Dahlman Men's Sandal, TanThe Dahlman Men's Sandal, Tan
The Dahlman Men's Sandal, Tan Salgspriskr 1,450.00
The Dahlman Men's Sandal, BlackThe Dahlman Men's Sandal, Black
The Dahlman Men's Sandal, Black Salgspriskr 1,450.00
The Dahlman Women's Sandal, BlackThe Dahlman Women's Sandal, Black
The Dahlman Women's Sandal, TanThe Dahlman Women's Sandal, Tan
The Dahlman Women's Sandal, Tan Salgspriskr 1,450.00
Layered Bremerholm Belt, Black, BrassLayered Bremerholm Belt, Black, Brass
Layered Bremerholm Belt, Light Brown SuedeLayered Bremerholm Belt, Light Brown Suede
Layered Bremerholm Belt, Blue SuedeLayered Bremerholm Belt, Blue Suede
Layered Bremerholm Belt, Dark BrownLayered Bremerholm Belt, Dark Brown
Layered Bremerholm Belt, Brown, BrassLayered Bremerholm Belt, Brown, Brass
Layered Bremerholm Belt, BlackLayered Bremerholm Belt, Black
Layered Bremerholm Belt, Black Salgspriskr 1,400.00
Willemoes Large, blackWillemoes Large, black
Willemoes Large, black Salgspriskr 1,300.00
Willemoes Large, Moss Brown SuedeWillemoes Large, Moss Brown Suede
Willemoes Large, blue suedeWillemoes Large, blue suede
Willemoes Large, blue suede Salgspriskr 1,300.00
Willemoes Large, brown dark brownWillemoes Large, brown dark brown
Willemoes small, brown dark brownWillemoes small, brown dark brown
Willemoes small, Moss Brown SuedeWillemoes small, Moss Brown Suede
Willemoes small, Blue SuedeWillemoes small, Blue Suede
Willemoes small, Blue Suede Salgspriskr 1,300.00
Willemoes small, BlackWillemoes small, Black
Willemoes small, Black Salgspriskr 1,300.00
Braided Belt, ChestnutBraided Belt, Chestnut
Braided Belt, Chestnut Salgspriskr 1,250.00
Braided Belt, Dark BrownBraided Belt, Dark Brown
Braided Belt, Dark Brown Salgspriskr 1,250.00
Braided Belt, BlackBraided Belt, Black
Braided Belt, Black Salgspriskr 1,250.00
Architect's Belt, ChestnutArchitect's Belt, Chestnut
Architect's Belt, Chestnut Salgspriskr 1,250.00
Architect's Belt, Dark BrownArchitect's Belt, Dark Brown
Architect's Belt, Dark Brown Salgspriskr 1,250.00
Architect's Belt, BlackArchitect's Belt, Black
Architect's Belt, Black Salgspriskr 1,250.00
Architect's Belt, TanArchitect's Belt, Tan
Architect's Belt, Tan Salgspriskr 1,250.00
Bi-fold Wallet, BlackBi-fold Wallet, Black
Bi-fold Wallet, Black Salgspriskr 1,000.00
Double-sided Cardholder, BrownDouble-sided Cardholder, Brown
Tolbod Buckle, Fullgrain Belt, CognacTolbod Buckle, Fullgrain Belt, Cognac
Tolbod Buckle, Fullgrain Belt, TanTolbod Buckle, Fullgrain Belt, Tan
Tolbod Buckle, Fullgrain Belt, Dark BrownTolbod Buckle, Fullgrain Belt, Dark Brown
Tolbod Buckle, Fullgrain Belt, BlackTolbod Buckle, Fullgrain Belt, Black
Harness buckle, Fullgrain Belt, CognacHarness buckle, Fullgrain Belt, Cognac
Harness buckle, Fullgrain Belt, TanHarness buckle, Fullgrain Belt, Tan
Harness buckle, Fullgrain Belt, EspressoHarness buckle, Fullgrain Belt, Espresso
Harness buckle, Fullgrain Belt, BlackHarness buckle, Fullgrain Belt, Black